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Want a Tour?

We invite you on a walking tour with us!

June through October

By appointment

509-826-1672 ---

     Our 109-year-old orchard is one of the few pioneer orchards that still belongs to the same family and do we have a tour for YOU! We offer fun & informative walking tours,  for families, classes, or other groups, where you will experience some hands-on knowledge of life in the early 1900s. Learn about methods practiced and how they differ from growing fruit today. Learn what a farmer does to bring his crop from spring's blossoms to your grocer's shelf. We can also provide games, crafts, songs, and dances - even a picnic lunch. Regardless, all tour members get an apple! We can tailor the tour to your needs.

     Depending on the size of your group & how much you'd like to learn, the tour could take upwards of 2 or more hours, so please wear good walking shoes. Groups must consist of 4 or more. Guided orchard tours by phone reservation or email reservations.

     Experience orchard life now & enjoy some of our fresh apples, pears, cherries, and more.


Long live the family fruit farms!


General prices are:

4-9 participants --- $10 each

10-19 participants --- $9 each

20-plus participants --- $8 each

(We do not charge for adult chaperones)

See you soon!

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